Irina Gulyakina was born in the city of Klintsy, Bryansk region in 1980, most of her childhood was spent in the city of Borovsk, Kaluga region. Now artist lives and works in Moscow. After graduating the Moscow State Technical University by Bauman and British Higher School of Art and Design, she had been working in the field of web design and advertising industry for over 10 years.

In August 2020 Irina Gulyakina defended her diploma in the course "Contemporary Art" at the Higher School "SredaObucheniya", workshops: Egor Koshelev (painting), Nikolay Alekseev (painting), Katya Kovalenko (sculpture). She continues studies in the workshop of Anastasia Potemkina (transdisciplinary artist) and Alina Gutkina's workshop (performative art).

Since September 2020, Irina Gulyakina has been an active participant in the artist-run-space "22gallery", participates in the exhibitions on the Russian contemporary art stage.

In her projects, the artist refers to the texts of Russian thought of the early twentieth century and contemporary critical theory; explores the topic of food, plants, the human body. Irina Gulyakina works with various mediums of artistic expression: from formal painting to performative art.
01.2021 moderator of the discussion table 'The role of chance in the life of an artistist' with Avdey Ter-Oganian in the artist-run-space "22".

02.2021 participated in the exhibition "Home Sweet Home" by curators Katya Finkelstein and Evgeniya Sterlyagova with performance and video "Ritual of Cleaness", Zverevsky Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Within the framework of this project took part with some graphic art works in an online auction and charity auction in the Cube.Moscow by invitation Alina Krukova, founder of Astra Gallery.

02.2021 participated in the exhibition "AC Voltage" in the artist-run-space "22", ideological inspirer Anna Mitereva.

03.2021 participated in a scientific conference organised by the Institute of World Literature by Gorky, the library by Fedorov, Association of Cosmonautics Museums of the Russian Federation, at the invitation of Anastasia Gacheva with a report "Criticism of human nutrition and the new corporality of the future in contemporary art"

04.2021 participated in the laboratory "Dance, voice, drawing" organised Tokmoscow Dance School and School The Gap in the cultural center ZIL. The video documentary of the laboratory's result performance was shown during the concert "Mechanisms" in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

04.2021 participated with performers Varya Grankova and Kirill Vasiliev in improvisation performance in the finisage of the exhibition "Waiting" by artists Varya and Mitya Grankovy, Gallery Bomba, Moscow.

05.2021 participated in the site-speciphic exhibition "Point on the map" in the artist-run-space "22", curators Svetlana Shilankova and Anastasia Senozatskaya. The exhibition reflected the location of "22" - the former workshops of the famous "Fazatron" plant.

06.2021 improvisation performance "Waiting for interspecies communication" in the finisage of the exhibition "Alisa, turn on, please, the radio", curators Evgeniya Sterlyagova and Nataliya Drachinskaya, Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow.

06.2021-07.2021 was exhibited with the diptih painting "Fruits" in Gallery Sreda, Cube Moscow. Curators Arseny Zhilyaev, Elena Sholohova.

08.2020 participated in the site-specific exhibition "Alternative Reality", initiated by the curator Katya Finkelstein within the framework of the "Humanitarian Theater" project of the Thursday Foundation with the "Alternative Meal" performative action.

09.2020 with alumni and students from the Higher School "Sreda Obucheniya", British Higher School of Art and Design and the Higher School of Economics self-organized into the group "22". Together with the artist Roman Konovalov, Irina Gulyakina curated the first exhibition of the group "22" - "Synthetic coincidences". She participated in it with her art project "Transition to an autotrophic regime".

10.2020 participated in the final VR exhibition of Sreda Obucheniya "Beach under reality", curated by Arseny Zhilyaev and Ekaterina Guseva.

10.2020 made a site-specific performance "Burial" in the manufactories of the former plant Fazotron, now is a new Art Cluster Electric Workshops - the location of artist-run-space "22".

10.2020 Irina Gulyakina initiated performative reading club in the artist-run-space "22"

11.2020 participated in the exhibition of the trilogy in the first and third parts: "The Burgundy Diary of Bridget Jones" and "Follow the wind of cosmic dust". Gallery 22, curator Elena Sholokhova.
08.2019 participated in the summer art residence of the artist Ivan Gorshkov.
2020 - Higher School "Sreda Obucheniya", program "Contemporary Art",
workshops: Egor Koshelev, Nikolay Alekseev, Katya Kovalenko, Anastasia Potemkina.

2010 - course Visual Communications, British Higher School of Art and Design, curated by Leonid Slavin.

2007 - Course in Graphic Design, British Higher School of Art and Design, curated by Maxim Nesterenko.

2002 - MSTU by Bauman, Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems.

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