Every day, three times a day - someone more, someone less organizes their routine of life with the meal. Human physiology is designed in such a way that food and water are necessary for us to live. It would seem that this necessity has nothing to do with politics and power, with the emotional and intellectual development of mankind. But...
But the observation of the actions of transnational corporations in the production and distribution of food reveals the fact of strict global laws of production, distribution and marketing in the field of food consumption, which are always represented by interested political forces.

Dissatisfaction with modernity, spurred on by another actor (the Covid virus19), the subsequent political and social chaos led to the artist's desire to leave all systems of modern society radically, through the liberation of the body from consumption. The artist performed a lengthy performance "Autotrophy of Me" for five days without food or water. Implementation of creative ideas, observation of the body and mind. Investigation of the body's ability to reorganize itself to alternative food sources, to become autotrophic. All five days of the performance, photo and video documentation was carried out.

The installation "Diary of the Transition" inspired by performance "Autotrophy of Me" was exhibited in the 22gallery during the trilogy-exhibition in the first part of it "The Burgundy Diary of Bridget Jones" in November of 2020. It was curated by Elena Sholohova.

Notes and drawings were taken from a notebook that was made during the performance "Autotrophy of Me", five days without water and food. The exposition of the diary takes the visual principle of the calendar. "I wanted to emphasize this time period in my work: from Monday to Friday, June 22-26, 2020. A real period of time from my life - my personal calendar, spent in the study of the body's ability to reorganize to alternative sources of nutrition, to become autotrophic."
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