In September 2020, 22 artists from different cities organized themselves. We have chosen as our physical location a space in the new art-cluster "Electric Workshops" in the Belorusskaya metro area.
In the process of researching the site, it turned out that the artists of the art cluster were embedded in the process of disappearing of cultural heritage objects - the workshopes of the former Fazatron plant....
Previously, the street was a cultural zone, where any new construction is prohibited, but in 2007 it was excluded from the list of protected cultural objects in the capital, and thus, all the old houses in the street were deprived of any protected status.

Our 22 community of artists was interested in the history of the factory and was made their artistic exploration of the place.

The exhibition "Point on the map" were spent in 22gallery in 05-06/2021, curators Anastasia Senozatskaya and Svetlana Shilankova.

Irina Gulyakina showed two art works in this exhibition: video documentary of the performance "Burial" and the installation "Library".

Performance "Burial"
"On my first visit to abandoned workshops, I was struck by frozen houseplants among wires and industrial waste, leaving, dead. Why were they left? "

On October 14, 2020, Irina Gulyakina made the performance "Burial", during which most of the abandoned houseplants on the third floor of building M were collected and buried.
Installation "Library"
Transformed and ready-made objects found at the Phazotron plant.
Ink portraits on sheets of documents from the plant's library, based on photographs found there.

In the process of researching the former workshops of the Fazatron plant, I became interested in one of the rooms. It contains a lot of art books, posters on the walls, someone's shoes, and in the archives - curious documents were found in cupboards - records from trade union meetings, a system for accounting for the return of books from the library. It seemed to me that this room - the Library - more than other rooms, keeps the traces of people who lived their professional life at this factory. A very lively room.
The sculptures from the objects found at the plant also seem to come to life, acquire physicality and try to continue the life of the Fazatron plant.
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