exhibition of two artists
Artists Roman Konovalov and Irina Gulyakina have created a space for dialogue between dreams of other worlds and planets and the earthliness of the human body, in its need to co-exist with other species.
In this seemingly impossible connection, the authors offer the viewer to synthesize what visitors see and identify obvious or not so obvious connections.
A man born with a body on earth from century to century looks at the sky. The horizontal of carnal existence always coexists with the vertical of conscious striving for the sublime. Rise to look beyond the horizon, and even higher so that the line dissolves into the cosmic ether. And again sink to the ground to feel all its salt.

Imagination sweep,
Along two different axes.
We are stuck somewhere in between
Between compost and cosmoport.
Where will your imagination go this time?
To the stars twinkling in the sky?
Or to the stars that descended from heaven?
Teeming and inhabiting,
Spreading through seeds.
Look deep and see the sky.
We are stuck, somewhere in between.
You don't have to make a choice.
Into the bottomless mystery of creatures,
In the unreachable light of the sun.
Stay in between
Balance, move...
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