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As a response to the action of the Here-and-There group, we decided to cover the cannon with a light white cloth. Symbolically, this action ends the life of the gun, testifies to its uselessness, transforms the original militaristic meaning of the object...
Irina Gulyakina made an action in collaboration with Anastasia Istomina.
Photo documentation and supportion by Maria Dunaeva.
Date: February 23, 2020.
Location: Moscow, st. Young Lennintsy, 10.
Reference: Action of the Here-and-There art group "Plumage of the cannon", 9.05.1994

We wanted to understand what thoughts come into the minds of bystanders when they see a cannon covered with white cloth. We briefly wrote down the answers of passers-by: "It (the gun) doesn't work."," Why do you need it, stop fighting. On repair.","No need to fight.", "White fabric is a protection against something, maybe from the snow, rain.", "Lightweight fabric "lightens" a heavy cannon.", "Perhaps it needs to be protected, covered.", "It is nonsense. The cover of the equipment must be in a green color, and the monuments do not need to be covered!", "For me, a cannon is a victory! And what you have done with it this is nonsense!", "It (the cannon) is under restoration, maybe it needs to be painted."
Half of the passers-by refused to talk to us.
The installation, exhibited in 22gallery during the trilogy exhibition in the third part 'Follow the wind of cosmic dust' (light fabric, which was used to cover the cannon during the action, with embroidered letters of the artist's poetry; birch; video documentation of the action on a tablet).
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